Community First Fund

Empowering communities through access to capital, job creation, affordable housing, and revitalization initiatives

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Webflare partnered with Community First Fund, a renowned organization with a remarkable track record of fostering successful businesses. To showcase their growing portfolio of thriving start-ups, we designed and developed a new website that serves as a valuable resource hub for aspiring entrepreneurs and new start-up companies.

Our team implemented a robust system that empowers Community First Fund to efficiently manage their portfolio and seamlessly add new success stories as they emerge. Leveraging the WordPress content management system, we integrated custom post types, categories, and taxonomies to ensure streamlined content control.

The website offers a user-friendly interface, enabling visitors to easily access information about Community First Fund’s loan programs and conveniently apply for loans directly on the website. Simultaneously, we prioritized highlighting their impactful previous stories, showcasing the positive community transformations they have facilitated.

With the new website in place, Community First Fund now has a dynamic platform to display their extensive portfolio and share invaluable guidance and resources with emerging start-ups and entrepreneurs. Our professional and straightforward approach has created a digital presence that aligns with their mission and furthers their impact in the community.

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