HR Lubricating Jelly

HR® Lubricating Jelly is a versatile lubricant for hospitals and physicians, streamlining supply chain with a single solution

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Webflare partnered with HR Lubricating Jelly to revolutionize their online presence. Tasked with designing and developing a website from the ground up, our team focused on creating a digital platform that echoed HR Lubricating Jelly’s widespread application in the medical field.

The website emphasizes the versatility of HR Lubricating Jelly, showcasing its wide range of applications in hospitals and physicians’ offices. By streamlining information and eliminating the need for multiple SKUs, the site ensures a clear and concise presentation of the product’s benefits.

With a clean and intuitive design, the website facilitates easy navigation, allowing medical professionals to quickly find the information they need. The collaboration resulted in a modern, user-friendly website that aligns seamlessly with HR Lubricating Jelly’s commitment to simplifying lubricant management in the healthcare supply chain. The new digital platform effectively communicates the product’s value, making it a valuable asset for both the company and its clientele.

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