PennDOT Administration for Logo Signing and TODS Programs, promoting tourism through effective signage

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Webflare was entrusted with the task of developing a comprehensive platform for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), responsible for overseeing all signage on Pennsylvania state highways. The existing system, consisting of an overwhelming file system, needed a robust solution to handle the sheer volume of data. We embarked on building a custom WordPress-driven application that would revolutionize the department’s operations.

Our first challenge was automating the process of extracting information from the directory and files, and transforming it into a structured spreadsheet for further analysis. With over 3,000 files, some of which had not been updated in decades, we encountered various naming inconsistencies. Leveraging automation tools, we meticulously handled every variation of data, ultimately establishing a reliable data structure.

Next, we created a powerful database using WordPress custom post types and custom fields. Each sign location required storing multiple data values such as highway route, exit, direction, and service type. Additionally, contractors in the field needed access to data models on their mobile devices. By implementing this database and seamlessly importing the data, we enabled field workers to easily access the information through an intuitive front-end user interface.

The transformation was remarkable, as the system evolved from a manual process of returning phone calls and emailing information to a fully functional, client-controlled public information system. This comprehensive tool not only saved the state significant time and resources but also improved their overall management of signage.

Webflare takes pride in delivering a solution that streamlined sign management for the PennDOT, utilizing a custom-built application tailored to their specific needs. Through our expertise in web development, we empowered the department to efficiently handle big data, ensuring accurate and accessible information for enhanced operations.

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