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Leading manufacturer of innovative, customizable indoor packaged HVAC solutions with wide-ranging capacities and options

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Webflare, a leading digital agency, successfully tackled the complex task of building a custom API framework for United CoolAir. Recognizing the challenges faced by the company in finding a local agency capable of meeting their specific technical requirements and delivering a robust framework, we rose to the occasion with our expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Our first challenge involved seamlessly integrating a third-party zipcode API and triangulating the data with location details essential for United CoolAir’s website. We devised an efficient system that allowed visitors to locate distributors based on zip codes or states without any performance issues, ensuring a smooth user experience even with extensive data.

Next, we designed and implemented a sophisticated serial search system capable of intelligently sifting through decades’ worth of product records, spanning thousands of items. By employing an optimized search algorithm, we achieved a solution that provided quick and accurate results without burdening system resources.

To address the need for secure access to private information and proprietary software, we developed a customized login system. This system granted authorized distributors exclusive entry while safeguarding against hacking attempts. Furthermore, we established an automated signup validation process, ensuring the authenticity of new user registrations.

At Webflare, we excel in delivering tailored solutions that meet intricate technical requirements. Contact us today to discuss your project and witness how our expertise can transform your digital endeavors.

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